New funkDC Podcast | First up: KidGusto Muse Mix Vol.1

To bring in the new 2.0 site with all it’s blog format glory, we are adding a new funkDC Podcast feature for all you high paced bloggers, and pod-casters alike. By subscribing to our podcast, you will be able to download our free mixes straight from I-Tunes or from whatever feed program you are subscribed to. 

KG has finished a new exclusive mix for the new site launch, so get ready for some of that old and new heat that will be sure to get your mood right.

For  i-Tunes users, you can subscribe to our Podcast via this LINK.

For all other live RSS feed programs, please click on this LINK to subscribe. 

For all the rest who aren’t sure how subscribe to a podcast or refuse to, we’ve made it easy for you to download or stream KG’s mix from this flash media player below: