FunkDC is a collective of DJs, artists and friends that came together to celebrate good music and good vibes in Washington DC.


Philadelphia radio, listening to and singing music in church, and listening to the family’s collection of east and west african mix tapes all contributed to Moose’s early exposure to music. This resulted in Moose making mix tapes of his own off the radio in the early 80′s. In 1988 he got involved with live music, playing the guitar and starting a band, which led to playing various other instruments. In 1995 Moose was introduced to turntables and various forms of electronic music and has not looked back since. mixcloud.com/danielmoose

Neil Payne

Neil PayneNeil bought turntables after hosting a college radio show. His first DJ partner, Leon (SR-70), organized a party of six DJs on two sound systems at the “House of Pain” in Mt. Pleasant, where he met KidGusto, Moose, Naka and Anton ~all friends he spun with for a few years. In addition to DJ-ing in DC, Payne was in Guatemala for a year, where he helped form the XelaGrooves DJ Collective. soundcloud.com/nbpayne | mixcloud.com/nbpayne


Since he first began laying down percussion and trap kit rhythms in 1989, KidGusto has worked to help pioneer the DC sound through downtempo, funk, jazz, rare groove breaks and world beats. His musical path has led him to work with various talented musicians, producers and DJ’s introducing him to an eclectic array of styles and influences. In turn this has brought kg the versatility to be innovative and yet consistent while DJ’ing in and out of Washington DC, Los Angeles and abroad. As a musician, DJ, and producer, KidGusto’s mission is to create organic music that combines dancefloor-heavy beats with pure instrumental emotion. soundcloud.com/kidgusto

Sean Haney

There is nothing I hate more than a self indulgent DJ bio.  We are, after all, playing other people’s music, so I don’t think we are that important in the grand scheme of things.  My goal as a DJ is to share the music that I love in the hopes that the crowd (big or small) will appreciate it and respond.  It’s as simple as that. soundcloud.com/shizon